Whiteboards are more than just Whiteboards
The Classroom Staple

May 2023
by Education Research Team, Designer Pinboards Australia

Whiteboards have long been a staple of classrooms, used primarily for lectures, notes, and brainstorming sessions.
However, there are many unique ways to use whiteboards in the classroom that can engage students and promote learning.

In this blog, we will explore some creative ways to use whiteboards in the classroom.

Here are 4 ways to use the Classroom Staple 

1. Group Collaboration

One way to use whiteboards in the classroom is to have students work collaboratively in small groups. Assign each group a whiteboard and have them brainstorm ideas, create mind maps, or solve problems together. This encourages communication and teamwork, as well as providing a visual aid for understanding complex concepts.

2. Peer Teaching

Whiteboards can also be used for peer teaching. Assign students a topic and have them create a visual presentation on their whiteboard to present to their classmates. This allows students to take ownership of their learning and build their presentation skills.

3. Storytelling

Using whiteboards to tell stories is another fun and creative way to engage students. Teachers can start a story and have students take turns adding to it on the whiteboard. This can help develop students’ creativity, imagination, and narrative skills.

4. Mindfulness Activities

Whiteboards can be used for mindfulness activities, such as drawing or coloring. This can help students to relax and focus, and also promote creativity and artistic expression.

Whiteboards can be used in a variety of unique and engaging ways in the classroom. By incorporating these creative activities into their lessons, teachers can make learning fun and interactive for students, while also promoting teamwork, communication, and creativity.

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