Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic pinboards for schools, offices, conference rooms and board rooms


Many modern workspace and school classroom designs don’t take into account reverberated noise (echo) in a room. Our acoustic pinboards reduce sound reverberation as well as providing you with a stylish point of interest on your wall or ceiling.

School classroom acoustic solutions

School classrooms can benefit from an entire wall covered with Autex Composition© Acoustic Fabric™. Read more on how better acoustics complement learning environments.

This Sydney school needed to lower the noise levels in their classroom. Brick walls meant reverberation, making it difficult for teachers to communicate and students to hear and comprehend.

Our solution: A full wall of Autex Composition Acoustic Fabric in Electric Blue. Blue is a colour known to promote happiness and calm in children.

Acoustic Solutions

Before and after images of classroom with Composition Acoustic Fabric installed

Office noise reduction solutions

Wunderman-Bienalto [link to company] had problems with the acoustics in two meeting rooms, so together with Autex Industries we came up with a solution using Autex Cube in Zenith (orange), Senado (yellow) and Savoye (grey).

We not only solved the problem but also, with the input of our client’s in-house designers made the meeting rooms a stimulating and inviting place to be.

Acoustic Solutions

Wunderman-Bienalto meeting room

Transom Project Services designed this series of overlapping rectangles and squares to reduce echo in this office space. We used Autex Cube panels in Petronas (black), Flatiron (grey) and Ironbank (red).

Acoustic Solutions

Transom Project Service, corporate meeting room