Acoustics are sound-absorbing solutions used to reduce noise and echo in a space.

Fundamentals of good acoustics? absorption, diffusion, and depletion of noise.
You will find these fundamentals here in our Designer Acoustics range.


Composition® is an acoustic wall covering available in a range of colours. Typically applied in vertical drops like wallpaper, Create a surface that is pin and velcro receptive. Composition® is a durable and flexible polyester wall covering that replaces the need to paint, and is easily maintained to look amazing for a long time.

And because not all spaces are the same we’ve given you creative freedom. We can cut to any shape, creating something as unique as each one of us.

Available in 40 versatile colours, the wall covering comes in lineal meteres 1220mmW, and is 10mm in thickness.

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SANA 3D Wall Tiles

SANA 3D tiles are amongst the most efficient methods of combating reverberate noise, either planned from the outset as a design feature or retrofit as a cure for any previously unforeseen ‘noise annoyance factor’ – the latter being experienced in most commercial interiors.

SANA 3D wall tiles can absorb up to 85% of noise pollution in a space, are easy to install.
Available in a pack of 9 or as single tiles, choose from 3 harmonious shades in 3 striking designs.

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Composition© Peel ‘n’ Stick Tiles

The innovative adhesive backed tiles provide a colourful and practical solution to drab and boring walls, offering you complete design choice whether you’re wanting a pin board or a complete acoustic wall solution. “Hook and loop” friendly and pin and staple receptive, which helps in eliminating unsightly pin holes in the wall.

Create a checkerboard effect by choosing just one colour and laying in alternate directions, or mix and match the colours to create almost limitless design options.

Each tile is 600x600mm, choose from 40 versatile colours. Available in packs of 6, covering 2.16m.

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SANA Shapes

Create a visual display of sound absorbing acoustics with SANA Shapes. Shapes offer design flexibility through the wide range of tessellation application options.Hexagons tiles create a modular design for home offices, commercial spaces, classrooms and much more…

Easily installed, just stick supplied hook and loop tabs to your wall.

Functional as pinboards and acoustics, Hexagons are available in a pack of 6, in one, two or three colours from the SANA 12mm Acoustic Panel range.

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Quietspace® Panel

When there is no room for compromise, Quietspace® Panel is the best solution for superior sound absorption without it being obvious. Quietspace Panel has been engineered to absorb a minimum of 85% of the sound energy it meets.

Available in 3 neutral colours, the 25mm thick panel is perfect for ceiling application in educational and commercial spaces.

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