Hexagon Acoustic Pinboards


Hexagon Acoustic Pinboards – Pack of 6 pieces

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Hexagon Acoustic Pinboards – $199

The Hexagon Acoustic Pinboards come in a 6 Pack, each pinboard measures 300mm x 260mm and choose a solid colour, or assorted colours.  The 6 pieces cover a space up to .468m² , depending on the configuration. Please see our possible layout combinations in our images to create your own modular design.

Hexagon Acoustic Pinboards Packs are made up of 1 colour with a selection of 3 available colours and have the modern chamfered edge design to suit the most modern décor.


Pinboard or artwork? You decide.

If you have another size request or require help with your design please contact us to get a quote or complimentary design advice. Should you be looking to purchase 5 or more sets, please speak to us about our special bulk prices.


Hexagon Acoustic Pinboards – Design Ideas

Choice. Beauty. Inspiration. Pinboards your way

The beautiful organic structure of honeycomb was the inspiration for this unusual hexagon pinboards design. It’s also one of the most efficient in terms of space. See how we’ve used Hexagons to create colourful notice boards that make an impact.

These pinboards are NRC .045 rated provided you with both a functional pinboard and an acoustic solution for your space. Perfect for schools, medical centres and universities…….any meeting space.

Best of all, they’re simple to install with Mounting Tabs included.

  • Packs of 6.
  • Each piece = 300mm x 260mm. One pack can cover a wall space of approximately .456m², depending on how you place them.
  • Can be configured together or separately for more design options.
  • One colour per pack. A selection of 3 colours are available.
  • Unframed with finishing chamfer edge.
  • Multiple configurations.

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About Designer Pinboards

David searched for high-quality, inspiring, dual-purpose pinboards and came up with zero.

So, sourcing the most efficient, beautiful and natural materials, he made his own.

David’s design expertise and understanding of light and space allows him to create pinboards and vision boards that are superior to off-the-shelf pinboard designs.

Now Designer Pinboards Australia offers functional, stylish and environmentally friendly pinboards for offices and schools, hospitals and home.

Reasons to choose our pinboards and noticeboards

  • High-quality materials and design, which means your pinboards will look better for longer.
  • Approved for NSW Government and Catholic schools: No need to seek approval so ordering is quick and easy.
  • Ability to create your own style, choosing colours and designs, logos or artwork.
  • Self-healing material (Forbo Bulletin Board) so no unsightly holes. Longer lasting, cost effective.
  • Noise-reducing properties: Cover an entire wall to manage reverberated noise (echo).
  • Sourced from renewable materials, low VOCs. Good for Green Star or NABERS ratings.
  • Safe for schools, hospitals, offices, staff rooms: Forbo Bulletin Board is anti-static and bacteriostatic
  • Ability to create mobile notice board stands – handy for offices, schools and hospitals.
  • 100% Australian-owned.
  • Easily installed. We give you easy-to-follow instructions and even a video, How to Install Your Designer Pinboard’
  • Delivery Australia wide


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