Harlequin Pinboards


Harlequin Pinboards are available in packs of 9 (each piece is 520 x 300mm) in your choice of 3 colours.

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Harlequin Pinboards – $385

Harlequin Pinboards are available in packs of 9. Each piece is 520 x 300mm and avilable in your choice of 3 colours. (You can view these colours by clicking on the image to the right).

Please let us know if you need your Harlequin pinboards sized especially for your space.

Harlequin Pinboards

Choice. Beauty. Inspiration. Pinboards your way!

Harlequin Pinboards
Harlequin Pinboards

Harlequin Pinboards, our pinboard newest design, is a variation on our Hexagon design, one of the most popular in our range. Harlequin Pinboards can add depth and interest to challenging spaces such as stairwells.

These pinboards are also hygienic (anti-static, anti-bacterial) so perfect for schools, medical centres and universities.

Best of all, they’re easy to install.

  • Available in packs of 9
  • Each piece = 520 x 300mm. One pack can cover an area of 600 x 1800mm (0.7 square metres) depending on how you place them
  • Choice of three colours. Select from the 15 different colours by clicking the image above
  • Unframed with finishing chamfer edge
  • Multiple configuration
Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 32 x 54 x 45 cm


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