Harmony & Balance
Colour Matching Learning Tools with Space Design

15th March 2023
by Kristen, In-house Design Consultant, Designer Pinboards Australia

Achieve colour continuity throughout a space to support balance and consistency

At Designer Pinboards Australia we specialise in bringing to life the concept that colours play such a vital role in education spaces.

Through endless examination and innovation, we are able to offer our clients exactly what they need to achieve the most efficient learning spaces, in a cost effective and simple way.

The easiest way to achieve design harmony throughout a space is through colour.

In this particular blog we will explore the benefits of Suzette Wrapped Pinboards, and how this range can provide harmony and balance in design throughout education spaces.

Colour theory being such a vital aspect to consider when designing a learning space, a simple solution to supporting this is to examine the surrounding features in the space. Furniture, Carpet, Wall Colours. These 3 primary features will be found in almost any learning space, and will be the key to creating a simple design solution.

In the above image, we are able to colour-match almost exactly to the carpet and furniture features of the space. Suzette offers 48 diverse and relevant colours. This range has existed for years and years, so you can be assured whatever colours you choose for your learning space will always appear current and fresh.

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