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Australian-owned and operated since 2013, Designer Pinboards Australia designs, manufactures and delivers stylish, noise-reducing pinboards in multiple shapes, colours and sizes.

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Reasons to choose our pinboards and noticeboards

High-quality materials and design, which means your pinboards will look better for longer.

Sourced from renewable materials, low VOCs. Good for Green Star or NABERS ratings.

Self-healing material (Forbo Bulletin Board) so no unsightly holes. Longer lasting, cost effective.

Approved for NSW Government and Catholic schools: No need to seek approval so ordering is quick and easy.

Safe for schools, hospitals, offices, staff rooms: Forbo Bulletin Board is anti-static and bacteriostatic.

Easily installed. We give you easy-to-follow instructions and even a video, ‘How to Install Your Designer Pinboard’.

Noise-reducing properties: Cover an entire wall to manage reverberated noise (echo).

Ability to create your own style, choosing colours and designs, logos or artwork.

Ability to create mobile notice board stands – handy for offices, schools and hospitals.

100% Australian-owned.

What types of pinboards are available?

In our shop, you can find our range of Forbo Bulletin Board pinboards.

Our custom-made designer pinboards and noticeboards can also be made from our Autex Interior Acoustics range – great for full walls and when an acoustic solution to reverberated sound (echo) is needed.

If you have a special design in mind, we can customise your order, using precision computer-controlled cutting (CNC) to create different shapes to your exact measurements.

And if you want to add a logo or artwork, we can digitally print this onto your customised designer pinboards.

Circles, Dots, Hexagons and more to add visual interest, and provide an easy and convenient way of displaying notes, artwork, photos and more.

Where can you use designer pinboards?

Offices, classrooms, waiting rooms, reception areas, and hallways: Need a pop of colour? Want to manage your Green Star rating? Check our online shop  for Circles, Dots, Hexagons and more to add visual interest, and provide an easy and convenient way of displaying notes, artwork, photos and more.

How designer pinboards reduce noise and add focus?

We’ve worked with schoolsbusinesses and even Government House to design and install beautiful, environmentally friendly (natural, recycled, low VOC) pinboards that also reduce noise levels.

Use our acoustic pinboards to calm classrooms and improve teaching efficacy, reduce noise levels in open-plan offices and meeting rooms, add interest and depth to blank walls, and to create talking points in boring areas.

Need help choosing your designer pinboards?

Give us a call on 1800 PINBOARD (74 62 62) and talk to us right now or contact us.

We’ll be happy to help with colour samples, pinboard design and installation advice.