Colours and Frames

With so many colours and frames to choose from, you can decide whether you want your pinboard to make a daring statement or to quietly blend in. Please contact us for a complimentary colour sample.

Forbo Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board by Forbo

Also known as Krommenie is an all natural material we use for made to order pinboards available through our online Pinboard Shop. This amazing material has been around for over 100 years. It is the gold standard in natural pinboard materials for the following reasons:

  • Self healing; when you remove the pin, the hole closes up.
  • Suitable for commercial heavy duty use in schools, offices, hospitals and homes. Forbo Bulletin Board is long lasting, timeless and strong.
  • Hygenic & bacteriostatic qualities means it is the best solution for hospitals, medical research, nursing homes and restaurants.
  • Made from sustainable, naturally renewable resources, Red List Free and Smart Certified (contact us for further technical data).

Smooth Velour Felt 

Smooth Velour by Autex

Autex products can be used to reduce and control noise in building interiors such as open plan offices, bars, restaurants, theatres, convention centres and public places.

Made from a minimum of 50% recycled polyester (PET bottles), Autex products feature many benefits such as sound absorption, pinability and is Greentag Level A Certified.

The products can be made into pinboards with a slim aluminium edging profile or direct fixed to large areas to control reverberated noise to create an ideal and productive environment for offices, schools and hospitality. Contact Us to discuss the best option for your project.

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Velour Wrapped Pinboards


Suzette by Laines

Suzette is a commercial grade upholstery fabric available in a huge range of colours. It is one of the most popular fabrics in the office and home industry, used for work screens, boards and workstations. Match your wrapped pinboards to your space, creating a consistent design aesthetic. 

  • Textured Pinnable Fabric
  • Timeless colour options
  • Flammability AS1530.3 & AS3837
  • Operates to ISO 14001 standard

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Fabric Wrapped Pinboards

Pinboard Frames

Designer Pinboards were originally designed with an unframed, chamfer edge finish. We hand finish each pinboard with a chamfer edge that creates a shadow line effect once the pinboard is on the wall.

We now offer diverse framing solutions for pinboards, so suit our large range of fabrics and surfaces.

Looking for a framed pinboard? we offer a range of frames below.

Bulletin Board, Smooth Velour & Suzette:

–  Silver Slim Frame – Natural anodised aluminium
–  White Slim Frame  – White powder-coated aluminium
–  Black Slim Frame – Black powder-coated aluminium

Smooth Velour & Suzette:

–  Wrapped Edge over BioBoard

Contact Us if you require a custom colour made frame solution.

Multiple shapes, sizes and colours – Contact us for assistance!