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Pinboard Inspiration

If you have an idea that isn’t part of our product range in the Pinboard Shop, we’re happy to customise our pinboards to your unique design.

Working directly with customers or with architects and interior designers, we’ve created oversized bulletin boards, customised vision boards, pinboards, notice boards and acoustic boards for schools (we are an approved supplier for NSW Public and Catholic schools), universities, creative learning spaces, home offices, corporate board rooms, office break-out areas, restaurants and many other commercial and domestic spaces.

Designer pinboards for….talking points

When Bradfield Senior College wanted a different kind of noticeboard for their music room, they turned to Designer Pinboards for inspiration. We created and installed a series of dots overprinted to resemble vinyl long-playing records.

Result: The college now has a feature that not only offers the benefits of bulletin boards, but also, provides a talking point for faculty, students and visitors.

Inspiration - Bradfield College music room - Designer Pinboards

Bradfield College music room

Inspiration - Pendle Hill School, office reception area - Designer Pinboards

Pendle Hill School, office reception area

Pendle Hill School wanted something different for their office reception area. We chose three different colours and customised our squares with rounded corners.

Result: the school was so delighted with our customised square Pinboards in Autex Cube that they ordered another row to complete the look.

Designer pinboards for….travel planning

Staff from NSW Government House saw our pinboard overprinted with a map of NSW at the new Country Women’s Association offices. They asked us to create a similar map for them to plot the Governor’s trips around NSW.

Inspiration - Forbo corporate reception, Wetherill Park - Designer Pinboards

Forbo corporate reception, Wetherill Park

Designer pinboards for….wall art

Forbo, the manufacturer of our Bulletin Board raw material, wanted to brighten their office. We supplied 20 of our Mini Hexagons to showcase an alternative use for their product.

Bradfield Senior College asked Designer Pinboards to design pinboards to add interest to their main stairwells.

Our Harlequin design was used to create this pinboard/artwork.

Inspiration - Bradfield College, Artarmon - Designer Pinboards

Bradfield College, Artarmon

Inspiration - Kellogs 'The Broadcast' - Designer Pinboards

Kellogs ‘The Broadcast’

Designer Pinboards for….bringing corporate departments together

When Kellogs in Sydney launched ‘The Broadcast’ a space between the marketing and sales teams,  they contacted Designer Pinboards seeking a unique solution. (Pinboards had to be installed on an existing glass wall).

They loved the Hexagonal design which was customised in size and then digitally printed.

Designer pinboards for….collaboration spaces

Wasted wall space at Urbis was covered in Autex Cube fabric in Flatiron. This space is now pinnable, and provides a handy collaboration space that’s both unobtrusive and elegant.

Inspiration - Urbis collaboration wall, Sydney CBD - Designer Pinboards

Urbis collaboration wall, Sydney CBD

Inspiration - Creative learning classroom space - Designer Pinboards

Creative learning classroom space

Designer pinboards for….creative learning spaces

We helped a specialist schools interior design company with computer cut Autex Composition Acoustic Fabric.

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