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Architects, designers, specifiers

In collaboration with architects and interior designers, we’ve created stylish pinboards for offices, schools, universities and commercial spaces. Designs often incorporate acoustic materials to resolve noise related problems.

We can offer:

  • Choice of several acoustic products.
  • Computer-controlled cutting, so you get exactly what you want.
  • Overprinting, so you can showcase your company logo or any image you desire.
  • Excellent range of colours, which means you can tie in colours to your interior design.

Specifying your customised designer pinboard

1: Select your design

You can choose from our Square, Rectangular, Harlequin, Hexagonal, Dots, Circles, Stripes or pinboard designs, all made to your dimensions. We can also create a shape to your own design.

2: Choose your material and colour

You’ll find a wide variety of material options at Designer Pinboards Australia, including:

  • Forbo Bulletin Board, 6 mm thick (We carry stock in all colours.)
  • Autex Composition Acoustic Fabric, 10-12 mm
  • Autex Cube, 6, 12, 18 & 24mm
  • Autex Symphony, 10-12 mm

3: Consider the size

We can accommodate any sizes up to and including whole walls. The maximum panel size is 1,200 mm by 2,400 mm. After that, you will need two or more pieces that join together.

4: Do you need a frame?

Our Forbo Bulletin Board range of pinboards are finished with a chamfer edge. We also offer a range of aluminium frames in your choice of clear anodised plus white and black powder-coated.

  • Frameless pinboards use a black MDF board, 10 mm thick. Total Pinboard thickness is 16mm
  • Framed pinboards use a natural MDF board, 6mm thick. Total Pinboard thickness is 21mm.

If weight is an issue, we can use a charcoal-coloured aluminium composite panel, 3 mm thick. We also use this backing board for our Mini Hex Design and Harlequin.

5: Do you need a special backing board?

We modify our backing boards to suit different pinboard designs. Please give us a call for advice on different styles and weights.

6: Pick a fixing method

We will recommend a fixing method appropriate to the style of designer pinboard you choose:

  • Directly onto the wall:
  • Split battens
  • Custom designed keyhole install method. template supplied.
  • Fixing to joinery

Multiple shapes, sizes and colours – Contact us for assistance!